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See Musher's Sled Dog Training Camp below

Friday through Sunday, November 14-16, 2014


White Mountains Winter Games, February 21-22, 2015


Musher's Sled Dog Training Camp

When: Nov 14-16, 2014

Where: Along Dogtown Rd, a dirt road that forks off of Perkinsville Rd (Hwy 73) a short
distance just south of Williams, AZ

What: Camping and training on Dogtown Rd., to Dogtown Reservoir (6.0 mile loop)

Camp Details:
Dogtown Road is a graded dirt road suitable for carts and ATVs. We’ll be running dogs
along this road to Dogtown Reservoir where there is a nice turn-around @ 3.0 mi.
Camping is right along Dogtown Road in a mixed conifer/oak forest. There are several
places to camp along this road – We’ll pick one suitable for dog trucks/trailers etc. So,
you’ll just have to get to Dogtown Road and start looking for dog trucks and sled dogs
(see directions below). Like pretty much everything in AZ this is a primitive site, so be
prepared to bring water for you and your dogs. We will have a porta-potty delivered to
the site. If all goes well it will be COLD so be sure to bring cold weather gear! Dog
camp training begins on Saturday morning, Nov 15 @ 8am sharp. Feel free to come
Friday night to set up your camp etc.


7-8AM: Hydrate & harness up the dogs. Get carts/ATVs ready for a run. Bring water on
the run if you like.
8AM-11AM: Leap Frog Training - Leave for Dogtown Reservoir @ 8AM and practice
passing using the “Leap Frog” method: The goal is for everybody to leave camp in a
continuous line of teams and practice passing one another on the way to Dogtown
Reservoir. This means that after you have passed one or two teams, you should stop
your team and let one or more teams pass your team. This is excellent training for the
dogs. If your dogs go after a team that is passing you should correct them. If a passing
team goes after dogs that are standing still the passing team should be corrected, too. The goal of this exercise is NOT to go fast – this is slow, sustained training designed to teach the dogs to pass well and to leave other teams alone, whether they are passing, or being passed. This exercise is also good for dogs that don’t want to wait – I know this will be hard for some teams, but it’s good practice nonetheless. You must be able to stop and hold your team during this exercise! This exercise could take 1-2hrs, depending on how long people want to practice.  When we get to the Dogtown Reservoir turn-around we will have an opportunity to practice head-on passing. This means that some teams should stay back to allow other teams to go up, turn-around and then pass teams on their way back to camp. We can continue playing “leap frog” on the way back to camp, or folks can just run back to camp if they want to “turn ‘em loose.”

11AM-1PM: Break for brunch – water and rest your dogs. Everyone’s on their own for
brunch, but feel free to bring stuff to share.

1PM-3PM: Leader line-out training – This exercise is designed to teach your lead dog(s)
to hold the line tight during hook-up EVEN in the midst of distractions. For this exercise
you will need: a harness, a 6 ft leash with SNAPS at BOTH ENDS, and another standard
6’ leash to attach to the dog’s collar. I also strongly recommend a CORRECTION
COLLAR for this exercise. The correction collar must fit snugly, just behind your dogs
ears – Collars that DANGLE down below your dog’s neck are INEFFECTIVE. If you
are opposed to this kind of correction method you can “opt out” of using correction
collars. However, if used correctly, these collars are very effective and will not harm
your dog.  We will work with dogs individually to teach them the line-out command. We will divide this session into two groups: handlers who are teaching their dogs to line-out; and handlers with dogs on leashes who will walk near to dogs learning to line out, effectively creating a “training opportunity” (i.e, a distraction). The goal is to have your leader line out regardless of any distractions that come their way. We will do a demo of this exercise before we start.

3PM-4PM: Break to water your dogs and harness them up for a late afternoon run (not

4PM-5PM: Run to Dogtown Reservoir

5PM: Dinner and discussion of the day’s training around the campfire.


8AM-10AM: Repeat Leap Frog Training and passing practice to Dogtown Reservoir

11AM – Brunch: Pancake breakfast with eggs, bacon etc…Please see additional attached
document on what you can bring for the Sunday brunch.

NOON – Pack it up and head for home!

Directions to Dogtown Camp
From Williams, AZ:
1. Navigate your way to S. Perkinsville Rd. This road leads south out of town from
Grand Canyon Ave/Railroad Ave., which is the main drag through town. You will
either turn right (if coming from the west) or left (if coming from the east) onto S.
4th St., which becomes Perkinsville Rd (Hwy 73).
2. Take Perkinsville Rd to the junction with Dogtown Rd (ca. 3.4 mi), then turn left
at the junction. This will be a dirt road.
3. Once you’re on Dogtown Rd., start looking for a campsite, just along the road
with dog trucks and “dog people.” I’ll try to be there by 4pm on Friday.
4. Questions? Call Gery: (928) 853-4037; or email me at: